Auto Insurance Discounts A Guide

“Switch now and save!” “15 minutes can save you 15 percent!” You’re heard the countless commercials about saving money on car insurance in Beaverton, OR. So, we decided it would be helpful to see where all of this money comes from and where you can save money by buying from an independent insurance agency in Beaverton, Oregon.

  1. Safe Drivers Discount: Safe Drivers cost less because they’re safe and the risk to the insurance company is less. With most companies, safe drivers can pay up to 45% less on insurance premiums over their not-so-safe counterparts!
  2. Advance Shopping/Advance Quoting Discount: You don’t have to wait until your insurance expires to get a renewal quote or to move companies. In fact, if you shop in advance, many companies will give you a discount as it shows you’re responsible and likely to pay your bills on time versus waiting until right before renewal to start shopping. This can save you upwards of 10% with some companies.
  3. Disappearing Deductibles: While not a discount on the front end, certainly a way you would save money. Stay with the same company long enough and with some products, you deductibles will reduce each year until they are gone. This discount will only apply if you don’t have an accident. When you do, the deductibles start over and will again, start to disappear.
  4. Good Student Discounts: Save up to 5% typically on this discount for students who maintain a 3.0 GPA and are under the age of 25.
  5. EFT and Paid in Full Discounts: Save big, up to 10% by paying with recurring EFT or by paying your premium in full.
  6. Prompt Payer Discount: Pay your premium on time for one year and you’ll receive a discount at renewal.
  7. Safety Course (Motorcycle) Discount: Complete a safety course and receive a discount when you provide your certificate.
  8. Multi-policy Discount: Save by bundling your auto insurance and home insurance with the same carrier. This discount often applies to other products as well such as auto and motorcycle. The discounts range from carrier to carrier, but are typically in the 10% off each product range.
  9. Anti-Theft Devices: Having an anti-theft recovery device such as LoJack can save you up to 10% off of comprehensive premiums.
  10. Previous Limits: Having your previous liability limits higher will actually give you a better “tier” with certain companies. For instance, if you have 25/50 liability previously you will often pay a higher premium than someone who has 100/300 liability previously. The companies consider this as a risk factor when taking on a new client.
  11. Multi-car Discounts: If you have multiple cars in the same household, you can earn a discount on your insurance premium. These discounts vary greatly from carrier to carrier as well as state to state.
  12. Snapshot Discount: Progressive has introduced a device called Snapshot that takes a look at your driving habits when installed in your vehicle. You can save upwards of 25% by installing this device in your vehicle.
  13. Homeowner’s Discount: Receive a discount on your car insurance simply by owning your house, condo or mobile home.
  14. Original Owner Discount (boat & RV): If you’re the original owner of a boat, you are eligible for a discount with some carriers.

There are even more ways to save on auto insurance, but these hit the high notes. Be sure to talk to your local independent insurance agent, Hukari Insurance at 503-291-9317. They have the ability to shop you though several carriers at one time and can compare rates side by side.