Distracted Driver Awareness Month in Oregon!

April Is Distracted Driver Awareness Month in Oregon!

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Carr’s Insurance Agency want to make sure that you are getting to your destination safe and sound. Keeping alert on the road can help keep you from getting in an accident or a costly ticket.

Refereeing the kids in the backseat, soaking up a coffee spill in your lap, fishing beneath the seat for a dropped cell phone or texting… All of these distractions take your focus off what should be your main priority: driving safely.

  • Know the speed limits; driving too fast (or slow) can earn you a ticket.  Beware of construction zones and school zones as speeding through these areas can result in heftier fines.
  • Wear your seatbelt! Even if you are making a quick trip close to home or work, for your safety and the safety of other, buckle up.
  • When exiting the highway, the law dictates that you do not begin your deceleration until you reach the ramp.
  • Cell phones and driving do not mix well. If you are not able to use a hands-free or pull over safely to check your phone, please wait until you can.
  • If there is an in-car emergency from spilled coffee to fighting siblings, it might be best to find a safe spot to pull over and then deal with the situation.

Even when following the rules and driving cautiously sometimes accidents do happen.  These tips will be helpful when filing a claim:

  • Take photos of everything.  The position of your vehicle, the other party’s vehicle and the surrounding areas.  Photos of other party’s driver’s license and insurance card would be helpful, but you can just write that information down.  Do not forget to exchange phone numbers!
  • Contact your agent immediately to start the claims process.  Be sure to relay all necessary information.
  • Call law enforcement if necessary and file the necessary police reports.

Drive safely!