Do I Need Additional Insurance for Uhaul Type Vehicles?

Renting a Uhaul or similar moving truck this weekend? Make sure you read this first!

A common question we receive is whether or not our insurance would cover us for a rental motorhome or moving truck in Beaverton, OR. And the answer really depends solely on the size of the vehicle (in addition to what coverage you currently carry, of course).

When talking about your collision and comprehensive coverage, your standard auto policy will cover the usage of a temporary replacement vehicle usually up to 12,000 GVW. If a vehicle is over this GVW, it would be excluded from coverage. Additionally, if the cab is separated from the bed, this will also create an exclusion from coverage for most auto insurance policies.

Truck rental companies typically offer four types of coverage.

  1. Damage Waiver: covers you in case of damage to the truck. If you do not purchase this coverage, you are responsible for any and all damage to the vehicle, no matter what the cause. If you decide to decline this coverage, you may be responsible to pay the damages to the truck even if they are not your fault. Something to keep in mind is depending on the extent of the repairs, you may be held responsible for loss of use on the vehicle.
  2. Liability Coverage:  covers you in case you hit something or someone. Your auto policy may cover this, but please call us in advance before you rent a vehicle to make sure. Each company is different.
  3. Cargo Coverage: Your auto policy will NOT cover any cargo that you are carrying. Period. If you are moving valuables, you may consider this coverage, depending on the values. If you’re moving a mattress or other item that will likely not be damaged, it would probably be wise to save your money, but only you can decide.
  4. Personal Injury Protection: This is a no-fault insurance and can be used anytime you’re involved in a motor vehicle collision, regardless of the motor vehicle you’re traveling in.

With anything, please feel free to call us with questions at 503-291-9317. This article is meant to be informative, but not a means of advice. If you have questions about a rental vehicle, please contact our office and speak directly to a licensed agent at our insurance agency in Beaverton, OR. We have licensed insurance agents in Porltand, OR ready to help you.