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Fact or Fiction: Five Auto Insurance Myths in Beaverton, OR

Let’s face it; auto insurance can be confusing, especially when it comes to insuring new vehicles. When trying to look up information surrounding auto insurance in Beaverton, OR, the internet can be full of myths and misinformation. If you are trying to disseminate fact from fiction the experts at Hukari Insurance Agency can help. We have compiled some common insurance myths and facts; we like to think of it as our own insurance version of Mythbusters.

Five auto insurance myths in Oregon:

  • Color: Have you always wanted a red car, but never did because you thought it might drive up your auto insurance premium in Beaverton, OR? Not true. Insurance premiums factor in the make/model, age and power of the vehicle. Premiums are also based on the person being insured. The cost of the vehicle can also influence the price of the premium, as more expensive the car usually the more expensive it is to repair if it is damaged in an accident.
  • Mature Drivers: Heard that once you enter your ‘golden years’ your auto insurance premiums will increase? Not necessarily. Your local, independent insurance agent can assist you with senior discounts or get you resources for defensive driving courses which can also lead to a discount.
  • Optional Coverages: Basic auto insurance in Beaverton, OR will cover theft or weather-related damage. Claims such as these are only covered under comprehensive coverage. Most car loans require that you carry both comprehensive and collision as these protect the vehicle fully. If your car is getting older and worth less than $1000, you may want to opt-out of these coverages, but you will want to talk this over with your agent before dropping these coverages completely.
  • Loaning your vehicle: Does your best friend need to borrow your car for the day or leaving your mom the car to pick up the kids from school? If they get in an accident, their insurance will cover it, right? Wrong. Typically insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. However, that is not always the case. Rules and regulations for this specific instance vary by state, so you will need to clarify with your insurance agent before you loan out your vehicle. Additionally someone who has regular access to your vehicle, like a roommate or spouse, should be added to your auto insurance policy to prevent a messy claims process should they be involved in an accident while driving your vehicle.
  • Personal v. Business: Your vehicle is covered under your personal auto insurance policy whether you are using it for pleasure or business. Not entirely accurate. If you are using your vehicle often for business, purposes, a business auto policy may help protect your vehicle more thoroughly. If you are not self-employed but use your personal vehicle for work, make sure you covered by your employer’s commercial auto policy.

While these are the most common myths associated with auto insurance, others are out there.  Your licensed insurance agent in Beaverton, Oregon can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your auto insurance policy. The local, independent agents at Hukari Insurance can assist you with adding or amending an existing policy or setting you up with a new policy. Their years of insurance experience can save you a bundle. You can also visit their insurance website 24/7 to learn more about auto insurance or the other insurance products they offer like classic car or home insurance.