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You have made a large investment by purchasing a home. Sleep soundly with the protection of a homeowners insurance policy from Hukari Insurance in beautiful Beaverton, OR. Homeowners insurance protection is crucial when owning a home. A Beaverton, homeowners insurance policy, or home insurance policy, means coverage for your assets inside and outside of your home.

Having homeowners insurance, or home insurance, guarantees you are compensated for losses to your home and your possessions inside it. Purchasing a homeowners policy provides added protection for your biggest investment. Home insurance also protects you if you’re found to be liable for someone’s injuries on your property. This policy will also protect you from financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft and other events outlined in your policy. Call Hukari Insurance today to get a policy started.

Familiarize Yourself With Common Oregon Homeowners Insurance Terms:Homeowners Insurance Agent Beaverton, OR

1. Coverage      A- Dwelling

2. Coverage      B- Other Structures on Your Property

3. Coverage      C- Personal Property/Contents

4. Coverage      D- Loss of Use

5. Coverage      E- Personal Liability Protection

6. Coverage      F- Medical Payments

Dwelling coverage protects your homes structure against the damage and possible loss from a covered event such as a wind, hail, lightening or fire. (Note: Earthquake insurance will require a separate endorsement. Talk to an agent today about earthquake insurance). This part of your insurance policy will pay to replace the home’s structural components.

Other Structures such as detached garages, buildings or sheds on your property are also protected by a standard homeowners policy. Typically, the coverage for other structures is 10% of your dwelling coverage although, higher amounts are available if you wish to purchase them.

Personal Property comes standards with a homeowners insurance policy and protects your items within your home or on your property should they be stolen, lost in a fire or damaged otherwise by a covered loss. These items include, but are not limited to clothing, furniture and other personal items.

Loss of Use  will provide you with living expenses in the event your home is not livable due to a covered loss. This type of coverage will usually cover the cost of a hotel, restaurant bills and other living expenses while your home is being repaired.

Personal Liability Protection  protects you from bodily injury or property damage lawsuits in the event someone files a lawsuit against you. This also includes things like your pet biting someone through a fence.

Medical Payments  is coverage for paying medical expenses for someone else who may have been injured while on your property.

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