Water & Sewer Backup Portland, OR Insurance Agent

Water & Sewer Backup – A Nasty Possibility!

There is a phrase that can strike fear into the heart of any Beaverton, OR homeowner: water or sewer backup.

With fall and spring typically being the two wettest months in the U.S., it is important to inspect our homes for susceptible sewer or water backup in our drain lines. There are certain steps that a homeowner can take to reduce the risk of a water or sewer back-up crisis.

  • Check around the home, foundation, basement, etc. for cracks that water or sewer waste can enter. Repair and fill any cracks
  • Ask a plumbing professional to see if your system can accept a shut-off valve to be used in case of a back-up emergency.  Your insurance agent can refer you to licensed professional.
  • If you live on or below a floodplain take steps to ensure that furniture and valuables are stored above the flood line.
  • Do not pour grease down sinks or toilets
  • If a water or sewer back-up occurs do not attempt clean up without protection: gloves, face masks and eye protection.

Generally a water or sewer back up is caused when heavy rains or floodwaters over run the sewer system as well as your sump pump. Debris from rainstorms or natural disasters can also clog the system, potentially causing a nasty mess to push backwards into your home.

While you may have a homeowners insurance policy a claim from water or sewer back-up can be costly and typically is not covered by your traditional standard homeowners insurance policy.  This is a separate endorsement that your agent can add to your policy to ensure you’re covered in the event of such a claim.  Homes that are located on hills, mountains, or other raised plateaus may have a lower likelihood of a water or sewer back up than homes located on low or flat plains, but that does not exclude them from having these issues. Any home can have a water or sewer backup claim

Talk to your Beaverton, OR insurance agent to determine whether or not a water or sewer back up policy is right for your home.